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Reiki and Drum Healing

Combining Reiki and Drumming creates a sound pathway on which Reiki energy may travel into a person’s energy field. We connect directly with the Heart and the Mind of the Divine when we tap into the vibration of Reiki and drumming is also a way to align with the Divine, as has been experienced since ancient times, through native spiritual and shamanic healing practices.

Reiki drumming is a blending of healing traditions from the east and west, as well as ancient shamanistic ceremonial practices. Shamanic drumming, when combined with Reiki, becomes a powerful tool for awakening more fully to our Divine purpose here on earth.

Stress is everywhere and can cause serious physical problems. Some early warning signs of stress are: irritability, difficulty sleeping, and lack of energy & concentration, never enough time to get things done. Healing Drumming can help to release stress, tension and anxiety. It provides a deep state of relaxation. It improves mental clarity and increases your level of physical energy and mental concentration.

Drumming not only assists with physical health, but your emotional, mental and spiritual health are included in this process. Drum therapy can provide healing and make the changes needed to experience a healthier life on many levels.
This kind of healing takes place for those who are willing to accept it. It is important for us to remind ourselves that drum therapy has many applications. If we fully embrace its power, it can enhance and heal many areas of our lives.

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