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Your Winter Wellness Guide


Winter Wellness Guide
Winter is here.  Along with the colder weather, stress related to end-of-year work goals, events and parties to attend, travel, tight budgets, and impending guests can overwhelm the best of us.  We all have a zillion obligations and responsibilities, and it’s very easy to concentrate solely on living up to external expectations and meeting others’ needs.  The trouble is, this narrow focus often leads to exhaustion, illness, and burn out.It is so important to remember to take care of yourself during this season so that not only can you get through it unscathed, but also so you can truly delight in the holidays.  Self-care should always be on your calendar!
Here are my favorite methods of self-care that will have you happy and thriving through the end of the year and beyond!
  • Get Enough Sleep.  This can’t be emphasized enough.  The fact is, most of us never get enough sleep to start with, but with all the added stress around the holidays, sleep is usually the first casualty.  Without proper rest, you’ll be too tired to fully participate in or enjoy all the activities you’ve got planned.  And studies show that lack of sleep causes adrenal fatigue, which can lead to weight gain and mood swings.  So make getting to bed on time a priority!
  • Set Realistic, Unrestrictive Boundaries Around Eating.  During the holiday season, it’s likely you’ll be around foods and drinks you don’t normally consume the rest of the year, and most of them are not the healthiest of treats! Instead of struggling (sometimes with much difficulty!) to maintain your usual diet, my suggestion is you cut yourself some slack.  But to ensure you don’t wind up feeling bloated, logy, and sick, set some limits for yourself.  Perhaps it’s okay to allow yourself dessert, but your boundary is you know there is no way you’ll go back for a second helping.  Or, perhaps, you allow yourself to eat whatever you want on a holiday dinner, but beforehand, plan a cleansing diet for the following day.  Permit yourself to enjoy the holiday and all the scrumptious food it can bring…just make sure you set limits and boundaries for yourself that will allow you to feel good while enjoying it all.
  • Travel Smart.  Travel can wear you down and expose you to lots of germs.  To ward off any nasty bugs that might waylay you, make sure you wash your hands frequently, avoid salty or fatty plane snacks, and drink plenty of water.  Drinking water before, during, and after a flight will ensure you’re not dehydrated.  While flying, try to stretch in your seat and move your body as much as you can to prevent muscle stiffness and cramping.  You can remove your shoes, curl your toes and release them; you can do ankle circles both clockwise and counterclockwise; you can curl your shoulders forward to stretch your upper back and then press your shoulders back to stretch your upper chest. I also recommend taking any supplements that are appropriate for you; personally I take a multi-vitamin, zinc and extra vitamin C.
  • Remember to Breathe. When you’re frantically trying to wrap everything up for the year – your business obligations, travel plans, shopping, cooking, preparing for guests, organizing gatherings, etc. – you can get so busy you literally forget to breathe sometimes. Consciously focusing on your breath can be a wonderful way to regain a sense of grounding and balance.  You can focus on your breath in any situation: standing in line at the grocery store, in conversations with others, even at a party.  Just take 5 seconds to mindfully bring oxygen into your body, and to release any stress or toxins when you exhale.  Those 5 seconds can make a tremendous difference in your mood.
  • Create Time for Authentic Connection. With so much to do and so many people to see, it’s easy to fill your plate with conversations that don’t go deep enough to really recharge you or replenish your human need for connection.  Make time to have a heart-to-heart talk with a dear friend or beloved aunt.  Set aside an hour to help one of the kids in your life with a project they’re working on or play a game with them.  The more authentically you are connected to people, the more love and support you will feel.
  • Don’t Leave Yourself Out.  With all the activity surrounding all of us, it’s easy to get caught up in it all and end up depleted.  Take even just 15-30 minutes every day for yourself.  Make yourself a cup of tea and curl up with a book.  Take a walk.  Get a manicure.  Write in your journal.  This is also a great time to breathe!
  • Give Thanks. It IS that time of year, right?  What better occasion than the holidays to sit down and truly take stock of all the wonderful things in your life: the people, the material objects, your own talents and areas of brilliance, your pets, your accomplishments and successes.  Make a list and keep it handy throughout the season so that you can refer to it whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or burned out.
This can be a wonderful time of the year, so make sure that you are able to fully enjoy it by taking good care of yourself.  Be gentle with yourself and those around you.  When you are well-rested and healthy, it is so much easier to complete all your tasks, make progress on your soul-centered project, and have energy left over for plenty of fun!


This Winter Wellness Guide has been provdied by:

Joanna Lindenbaum, is founder of the Woman Wisdom Success Principles, the proven step-by-step program to help you tap into your deepest wisdom in order to succeed at your BIG projects and your life with JOY! To sign up for her freebie how-to articles and no-charge teleclasses

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Monday’s Messages

Over the past month or so, I’ve been guided to pull cards for my Face Book Friends and today, I was strolling along in our local mall and “happened” to find these beautiful Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson.  I was guided to bring them home, of course to share with you on my Monday Message Blog.

Monday, November 26  

1.  Set boundaries, protect your precious time and energy.  

Setting your personal boundaries.

-Check your personal energy levels.  Is there someone who always drains and upsets you?

– Are there people who are always asking, wanting from you?

– How does this feel in your body? How does it feel in your mind? How does the presence of this type of person affect you?

Now look at this list of feelings and sensations you’ve made, and ask yourself where do you feel that feeling in your body?  Do you feel it in the pit of your stomach?  Your heart?

Once you’ve identified where in your body you feel, you’ll have your personal boundary.  Gut feelings are the body’s security system warning that your personal energy field has been breached, and you’re letting in stuff that isn’t yours.

This is really important. When our boundaries are weak, unguarded, or unclear, we let in all sorts of stuff that isn’t actually our stuff, and we give away our own personal energy unconsciously.

2.  Get Grounded for maintaining your personal boundaries.

There are many, many ways to ground yourself – the easiest is to imagine your root system connecting you to the earth like a giant tree, or get outside and connect to a tree near you.  Meditating, affirmations and prayers are other ideas for you.

3.  Pay attention and notice the people and places that drain your energy.

Before entering those places or exposing yourself to those people, take a few minutes to imagine breathing a bubble of protective energy around you. Think of it as a protective, beautiful space that will only allow love and positivity inside.  Allow it to deflecting anything else. Really see it and really feel the force of it around you. Then recognize what you need to do to maintain that space.

These three steps will help you create and maintain healthy boundaries. Building boundaries is like any muscle or practice—the more you work with it, the better it serves you!

Interested in learning more?  Consider taking a Reiki Class – I teach many methods of grounding and protecting your energies within these classes and they are amazing for maintaining your energy levels!

Namaste, Cynthia


Earth Magic

I was guided to share a beautiful Earth Magic Oracle Card by Steven Farmer with everyone for this week!


Many have lost touch with our instinctual sensitivites as a result of cultural proscriptions dictating that anything wil and instinctual is threatening and therefore, has to be controlled or eliminated.

Now is the time to overcome this limited mindset and tune in to these instinctual clues.

Shed some of your inhibitions with the only guideline being to “do no harm.”  Experiment by getting out of the straitjacket of familiar societal norms and listening to those sensations in your gut that are trying to give you a message!  It may be a warning or an urging to take action of some sort.

Take some deep breaths, and simply notice what your bodily sensations are telling you.  Your mind will be the receiver of that information, and your body and mind can learn to work more closely with each other, once again as it is meant to be!  (Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer)

What is it that you’re not listening to?  Is your body sending messages?  Again, take some nice deep breaths … be aware of the messages and have the intuition and faith to follow them!

Have a wonderful week everyone.