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Monday’s Messages ~ Passion ~ Fire Element


Passion – Aries Fire Energy

PASSION – Fire Element

Since we are still in the throws of the Aries New Moon today, the card chosen was from the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Card deck by Lisa Micahels…It just seemed to fit this morning.

Passion is the fuel to take action in life.  To live in connection with your passions gives you energy for life and makes the quality of your life richer.  Tune into your inner realm to discover what you are passionate about.

Journal, ask questions of this fire element, connect to a time in your life when you felt energetic and alive.

From the vantage point of that time in your life, can you see your passions?  Are you living fully from your passion?  Ask fire to show you more ways to connect to your passion.


The element of Fire is both creative and destructive, its qualities are Brightness, Thinness and Motion and its mode is Active. It is fire that we and our ancestors used to warm our homes, we use it to cook our food, we sit around it to ward of the darkness of night, and it fuels our passions. Fire, unlike the other elements, does not exist in a natural state. Its physical form can only take place by consuming some other element. Fire is the transformer, converting the energy of other objects into other forms: heat, light, ash, and smoke.

To feel the manifestations of this power, go out on sunny day and feel the warmth and light of the Sunshine, hear the crackling of logs and smell of smoke from a burning fire. As you gaze into the transformational flame of a candle, immerse yourself in the energy of Fire.

In order to gain benefit from the energy of this element, we need to control Fire’s destructive aspect. When we light a candle, we are not only calling upon the energy of Fire, we are also limiting its power. This destructive aspect should not be seen as negative, forest fires, actually help, clearing away underbrush and encouraging seeds lying dormant within the Earth to burst forth into new life.

Card Deck Shown and information in part by:  Elemental Forces of Creation by Lisa Michaels at

Monday’s Message ~ Sacred Self Care ~ Opportunity




Release your ties to the past.

When you let go of the old, you make room for the new.

Cards by

We are so blessed here in Alberta, now that the weather has warmed up and our thoughts naturally turn to letting go of the old.

We start throwing out clutter, packing up clothes we no longer need or want, and giving our homes a much-needed deep scrub. In the midst of all this cleaning, it is sometimes easy to forget that our bodies and spirits need a deep cleaning as well.

One of the most powerful methods of cleansing the body, mind, and spirit is releasing old energy attachments, thought forms that have taken hold in the body in the form of negative energetic blueprints. These energy attachments can come up in all sorts of circumstances. Sometimes they are the result of a traumatic event, such as a divorce, or the death of a loved one. Sometimes they come as coping mechanisms to help us deal with the stress that come with this busy life that many of us lead. Sometimes they are inherited from our families of origin and passed on in the form of beliefs about ourselves such as “I am not worthy of love” or “I can never have a healthy relationship.”

The only requirement for a successful cleansing is that the you be willing to let go of the old. Spring cleaning of the self brings incredible benefit, ranging from increased energy to a new, higher vision for your life. This healing work lets you claim and reclaim the space that these energy attachments have been occupying and fill it with your own divine vision.

Some wonderful tools for supporting you in releasing old energy is meditation, deep breathing, center yourself and see where you are feeling any heavy or dense energy.  It might feel like an ache in the pit of your stomach, a sore shoulder…continue with your deep breathing and surround this heavy or dense energy with love.  You can imagine possible a beautiful green color and breath that into the area, or you can just surround with love and light from your heart.  Just continue to breathe, acknowledge this energy and allow yourself to let it go…..

This clearing is a simple way, by first bringing love to where the constriction was.  As you bring love and awareness there, it begins to unwind on it’s own.  When we let go of the old, we allow space for new opportunities to come it.


Monday’s Message ~ Sacred Self-Care ~ Boundaries


Protect your precious time and energy.

(Cards by

I learned about boundary work when I started working with Reiki Clients and this has been crucial in my business and personal life.

When we don’t  set healthy personal boundaries, you may be exhausted, unable to focus and feel consumed by lifes daily dramas.

I  surround myself with people who are really attracted to me because of who I am. How I show up in the world: by my strengths and  my passion—how absolutely me I am.

I am centered in who I am and what I love and I have my boundaries in place, so the people and circumstances around me can’t shake that.

If you’d also like to maintain healthy boundaries to feel more centered, these three steps will be a good start:

1. Check your personal energy levels.

Think about how you feel when you’re around someone who drains you and upsets you, someone with whom you feel you lose yourself. How does this feel in your body? How does it feel in your mind? How does the presence of this person affect you?

You’ve just identified what I like to call the “check engine light” for your personal boundary system. It’s a security system warning that your personal energy field has been breached, and you’re letting in stuff that isn’t yours.

This is really important. When our boundaries are weak, unguarded, or unclear, we let in all sorts of stuff that isn’t actually our stuff, and we give away our own personal energy unconsciously.

That means you’re dealing with a breach of your energetic security system and a leak of your own personal energy. You’re looking at warning signs indicating that some work needs to be done, some boundaries need to be shored up, and you need to return to center.

2. Ground yourself as preparation for maintaining boundaries.

Grounding is akin to the way a tree sinks her roots to stay secure in a storm. It’s the first tool in creating healthy boundaries—nurturing a connection with ourselves, our centers.

Our root system is both our anchor and our boundary system. It keeps us from being blown about in other people’s winds. It gives us a way to focus and still ourselves to connect with our heart and our intuition. That’s what keeps us steady and connected and focused.

There are as many ways to ground as there are people. I like to take five minutes to actually imagine my root system connecting me into the earth, like a giant oak tree. Here are some other ideas:

  • Meditating
  • Saying a prayer, affirmation  or mantra
  • Offering a blessing over your morning meal or beverage
  • Chanting or repeating affirmations in your head as you walk to work or school

Try different ways—you’ll find the one that works for you!

3. Notice the people and places that tend to drain you.

Before entering those places or exposing yourself to those people, take a few minutes to imagine breathing a bubble of protective energy around you. Think of it as a space that will only allow love and positivity inside it, deflecting anything else. Really see it and really feel the force of it around you. Then recognize what you need to do to maintain that space.

These three steps will help you create and maintain healthy boundaries. Building boundaries is like any muscle or practice—the more you work with it, the better it serves you!

If you’d like assistance in learning more about setting your Personal or work boundaries, a Reiki Class may be the right fit for you!