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Monday’s Message ~Sacred Self-Care~Nectar of Life

Mondays Messages_Nectar of Life_Nectar of LifeNECTAR OF LIFE
This morning, these amazing Divine Guidance “jumped” into my hand for you.  Fractal cards always just seem to jump out at me.  They are brilliant and sparkly, and just check out the little heart shaped orbs flowing on the left!  Spirit was calling strongly for this card to be shared.
Cards are by Cheryl Lee Harnish, Divine Guidance Oracle Cards. They are called Fractal, due to the sacred geometry of them.  This means that they are self-similar, repeating patterns, which means the smallest part of a fractal is similar to the whole.  Everything in the natural world is created from fractal geometry…from the shore lines to the forests right down to our DNA!
Card #32 is the Nectar of Life Meaning
You work so hard, and you are definitely to be commended for your efforts.  This card is asking you to slow down a little and enjoy the simple things in life.  Spend some quality time with family and friends.  Time time to embrace life and do some of the things you honestly enjoy.  Focus your energy on activities and things that bring you true pleasure.  Taste the sweetness of life.  Feel empowered to pollinate and fertilize your dreams.
This card is literally tell us to stop. Smell the roses. Take time for Sacred Self-Care. Do some meditation, get a massage or Reiki session to support your stress levels. Reconnect with people and mother nature.  Where in your life do you need to honor yourself?