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Monday’s Message ~ Full Moon and Completion

The upcoming Full Moon

The upcoming Full Moo


Spirit never ceases to amazing me.  This morning while meditating on this card deck, asking for guidance for all of you beautiful souls, I was asking for a card that would guide you with this coming Full Moon.  Guess what card “jumped” out?  Exactly.  The Full Moon Card.

This beautiful Earth Magic Oracle Card deck is from Steven Farmer.

In this card, we see the grandeur of the moon at its peak, blazing brightly and creating a silhouette of a tree.  This beautiful orb reminds us that all cycles have their time of completion and fulfillment, one that will be followed by a decrease until yet another cycle is initiated.

You can now take pleasure in knowing that whatever you have been working toward has now reached culmination.  It may have been a relatively brief cycle or a much more extensive one, yet regardless of the length of time, you have arrived at a stage of completion.

Let yourself feel the contentment and satisfaction of this accomplishment.  It is like when you take a deep breath and reach the point where your lungs are pleasantly full and your body is ready to release that breath.

It is important to not only enjoy this completion, but also to let go and allow yourself to relax afterward, just like exhaling slowly and consciously.  People are much too eager to rush to the next item on the agenda without giving proper time and space to appreciating and honoring the natural cycle of release that follows a point of resolution.

Give yourself that time to relax and rest before tackling Spirit’s next assignment.

Please enjoy the Full Moon Release Ritual Sept2014  Enjoy and may it bring you to completion!


Can you BELIEVE it’s September? What the heck happened to summer?

EquinoxRitual2014I know I’ve been MIA this summer with my Newsletters, no excuses, but I’m back in the swing of things and you’ll be hearing from me on a more regular basis.

Can you BELIEVE it’s September?  What the heck happened to summer? I’m hanging on to these last warmer days that are on the way for this weekend, but change is in the air…you can feel it!

It was an amazing summer, I had lots of camping, some time with good friends which of course is always amazing, a busy time with clients, yard work and some minor home renovations, whew…busy.

Already, the seasons are shifting and fall is being ushered in here in Central Alberta, we’ve already had snow in the Southern part of Alberta and I’m feeling that old familiar energetic pull where Nature begins to speak to me of yet another cycle – and with that some powerful change.

It’s a powerful time… and this year feels like a biggie for me! And, I am thinking I am not alone.

I sense that the coming Equinox on September 22nd will bring an opportunity for expansive growth no matter whether you celebrate fall or spring.

The Equinox is of course a day where the night and day are of equal lengths. And the image I keep being shown for this equinox is a doorway to step through. The phrase “of equal energy” keeps being relayed to me by the guides. That phrase makes sense when I think about what they are asking me to do in preparation for the day.

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