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Clairity ~ Monday’s Messages for January 19, 2015


This beautiful card is from The Path of the Soul Destiny Card Deck By Cheryl Lee Harnish.

It literally flew out of my hands and not just dropped, but flew across the room this morning.  I guess Spirit needs to get this to you today.

Card Message

A beautiful clarity has begun for you.  Your mental, physical and emotional bodies are undergoing a detoxification process.  You may have already noticed that your though processes are more clear and exact.  Your physical body is running more energy and old emotional issues are being released from your cells.  Once this cleanse is complete, you can look forward to experiencing more joy and contentment in life.

This clarity also brings with it a deep understanding of your purpose here on earth.  You are being renewed in every way.

My message for you this week is if you are not already clear then you need to do so.

We are coming into a strong week this week with Mercury Retrograde and the Aquarius New Moon today, which is an Air Element.

This new moon brings you innovative and progressive original ideas to help you gain insight and get a cosmic perspective on your life vision. This is the time to launch new ideas, create your own way of doing things, and take risks. Aquarius’s ability to revolutionize your thinking helps you to take a quantum leap in some area of your life. (

Allow some time for Air to bring a renewed vision for your life during this three-day window. Simply sit in the quiet or enter into meditation and ask to see an expanded vision for your life. Write down any images or impressions you receive.

New Moons are all about re-setting our intentions.  Maybe you set an intention or “resolution” for January 1st, but it’s no coming into reality for you.  This is the time to re-set any of those, a great one is to bring kindness, self-love and boundaries for yourself.

Namaste, ( just in case you’re not familiar with this term,  namaste is an everyday greeting, akin to hello. It’s also a valediction – a way of saying goodbye. It literally means “I bow to you”, and is usually accompanied by the hand gesture.

The hand gesture – placing the palms of the hands together at the heart centre – is also known as anjali mudra and is usually accompanied by slightly bowing the head. It can also be done by first placing the hands to the “third eye”, or between the eyebrows, then taking them back down to the heart. This is a deep acknowledgement of respect – both to the person it’s bestowed upon and for the person doing the bestowing. In fact, simply using the hand gesture implies the word namaste – no words need to be spoken.

A deeper meaning of namaste, though, can be inferred from “I bow to you”, to “I bow to the divinity within you from the divinity within me”. Sometimes you’ll hear it defined as “The light in me recognises the light in you”.     

Have a great week everyone!




Monday’s Messages~New Beginnings and a Fresh Start from Archangel Michael

NewBeginningsJanuary 12, 2015

I havn’t posted a Monday’s Message since prior to the Holdiay Season and guess what card jumped right out?  You got it – NEW BEGINNINGS AND A FRESH START.  This card is from Doreen Virtues Archangel Michaels’s Oracle Card Deck.  Pretty appropriate given where we are today, isn’t it?

As a chapter of your life closes, another one is beginning to bloom.  Right now you may only notice the first inklings of new growth in your life, so Archangel Michael sends this card to encourage you to keep going!!!

There’s great news is store you for!  Stay filled with faith and keep a positive outlooks.

Archangel Michael Prayer for You

Thank you for bringing new opportunities and offering support, and for helping me release and heal my past.  Fill me with trust as I experience these life changes.

My message for you is if you started something new on January 1st like many of us – he is telling you that past mistakes are forgiven and forgotten, a relationship is blooming, an improved mind-set boosts your happiness and confidence.  Let the past go!  Move forward with today. Breathe through it.  You’ll be ok.

Namaste, Cynthia