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Monday’s Messages ~ February 23 ~ Chenrizi Manifestation

MMessages_Chenrizi_Feb23Chenrizi Manifestation

This card comes to you from The Destiny Card Deck “Path of the Soul” from Cheryl Lee Harnish.

“This card works to create a positive outcome in ALL situations.  Chenrizi works to free you from your problems, burdens and suffering by showing you all the many WONDERFUL BLESSINGS in life.

This card is the ultimate manifestation.  On every level and every way, it is the complete form of fulfillment.

This is the turning point in life.  Free flowing manifestation of all the good this world has to offer is coming to you.  Stay focused on the blessings and you will see them multiply.

This card is a wonderful reminder that what we focus on, we attract in our lives.  When we are only focused on the negative aspects, that is what we attract!  GRATITUDE … do you practise giving thanks for all the good in your life?  If not, start with simple things like being grateful for the hot and cold water that comes from our taps, that we have clean water to drink, be thankful your furnace runs on a cold winter day, the food that you have the abundance to purchase.  When we bring in gratitude, our lives are blessed.  Write down 3 things daily this week that you are grateful for.

Ask Chenrizi for assistance in focusing on your many blessings this week, notice the shifts in perception.

Namaste, Cynthia