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Monday’s Messages ~ November 21, 2016 ~The Shaman & Ceremony

mondaysmessages_ceremony_shamanThis morning, my full intention was to do an Angel Card for you, but the Earth Magic Cards were calling strongly, and I follow those intuitive nudges….

Two cards slid out of the deck Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer for you this morning.

While I was journaling and doing my own morning rituals, I was reading Elizabeth Peru’s Tip Off Report, which I love to read – a portion of her message for today, November 21st was:  “Sacred Ceremony is well aspected today.  Perhaps take a long bath, as you meditate upon the past year.  Invoke your favorite Goddess energy that appeals to your inner truth.”

Well, the two cards today are so in alignment with what Elizabeth Peru’s message is, I was totally excited and plan to bring more Sacred Ceremony into today for myself!

The first Card is CEREMONY ~ Invocation

It is in sacred ceremony that we have one of the greatest opportunities to experience communion with Source, one where the perceived dualities of both heaven and Earth merge into an experience of the Divine. Sacred Ceremony is prayer in action.

Whether through indifference, depression, life crisis, or any other manifestation of mental, emotional, or physical blockages, you have drifted from the intimacy with Spirit for which you yearn.  It is important to do what you can to regain an experience of spiritual power that is contained within you and all around you.  Do so by conducting a ceremony, one that involves not only Spirit but also material objects you consider sacred.

The second Card is SHAMAN ~ Ancient Healing Wisdom

I love this card!  The Shaman has witnessed visions, spirits, suffering, and joy and knows that everything that exists has Spirit’s intentionality behind it.  Able to travel beyond the veil of ordinary reality, the Shaman’s primary assignment is to discern and maintain balance between what the human community takes from the natural world and what it gives back.  When this relationship is out of balance, the Shaman must do whatever is necessary to restore it.  Balance equals healing.

The Shaman lives life in ceremony and treats everything with reverence.  The Shaman works with spirit helpers, including ancestral spirits to support in service to the people and to Mother Earth.

“This is a time for deep healing, starting with your relationship with Spirit.  Call upon your spirit guides and ancestors to help you with any emotional, mental, or physical healing that you need today.

If you’re guided to purchasing you own set of the Earth Magic Cards and are local (Red Deer, Lacombe, Sylvan) Witches Ink has them available for purchase.  

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Mondays Message ~ Archangel Michael ~ Shield Yourself

Monday’s Message ~ November 7, 2016 ArchAngel Michael | Sheild Yourself

aangel-michael_sheildyourself_essentialenergyhealingThis card from Doreen Virtues Archangel Michael Oracle Card Deck came out strong this morning!

This card indicates that we are all especially sensitive to energies and emotions right now. Archangel Michael is shielding you from harsh energy, but it`s also important for you to take action steps to help with this endeavor.  Avoid situations where anger and/or competition are expressed.  Stay away from places which can attract lower energies, like bars and malls.

Follow your natural inclinations, such as keeping to yourself or spending time with gentle, loving people and spaces.

Possible Specific Meanings:  Wear/carry a protective crystal.  Make sure you’re physically protected, including up to date health and auto insurance, etc.  Use caution in dealing with this situation or relationship.

If you practise Reiki, ground and shield yourself DAILY!!! We are still completing around the New Moon energies from October 30th, which is still influencing us!  Some completions are easier than others and will require forgiveness as a part of the letting go.

What are you still working on completing?

Archangel Michael Prayer

Archangel Michael, I ask yo to protect me, my loved ones, my vehicle, and my home with your powerful shield.  Surround us in your purple light, which allows only pure love to penetrate.  Please stay with me day and night, and keep my loved ones safe. (name specific people or situations).

Much L☮♈ Cynthia )0(

The Wisdom of Forgiveness

forgivenessHow are you? Truly — how is your heart? Have you been diving deep and taking tender care of your own being? What does your heart need most these days? How are you feeling physically, mentally & emotionally?

We are fast approaching the darkest days of the year and as we do so our hours become more yin in nature and the call to make our way inward and introspect and care for self in a quiet, deep, dark, beautiful, all-self-knowing-way becomes stronger and stronger.

It is normal to feel more emotional in these colder, slower, darker days.

It is normal to crave warmer foods and more sleep.

The divine feminine beckons us to sit with the heart and lean in to the divine messages that she whispers to us in the quiet moments of days-passing-by.

We are coming into the season of inward work — the season of calling on divine self-care rituals that are slow and soft and deeply nourishing.

I am sending you all of the love — thank you for being here with me, for trusting me and creating connection with me !

forgivenessheartThe main Theme of November is around FORGIVENESS….

This is the big letting go, the final completion, the cutting it loose.

We are weary of the fight, the blame, the crisis, the judgment, the debt, being victims, feeling owed, the anxiety, worry, and stress.

We desperately wish for a gentler more compassionate way of beauty and balance and are finally willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

Forgiveness is a big piece we are working with this month and in the months to come. The actual definition of forgiveness is to give way so something can be free to move forward. Without forgiveness there is no moving forward. To the extent that you are not able to forgive yourself or others for what “they have done to you”, “you have done to yourself, or, ”you have done to others”, you are holding yourself and others hostage and no one is free to move forward. We are in a time of tremendous potential for movement forward and the raising of consciousness but if we cannot forgive, we go nowhere.

What people do not realize is that the choice to not forgive can actually create karma. If you have the option and the opportunity to forgive something or someone and you do not take it, choosing instead to hold someone or something hostage in your expectation of a payback, you can create some karma for yourself in the withholding of that freedom. Some food for thought….

Forgiving something does not mean that you agree with it or condone it. The action or situation can still be very wrong, but forgiving it cuts it loose so that the energy of it is no longer attached to you.  You neutralize the charge so that you are no longer hooked into the debt of payback. Sometimes we hold onto old grudges for years and years and maybe even lifetimes, not even remembering exactly what started it. On a greater more global scale there is a need for forgiveness between countries, races, the masculine and the feminine.

Blame, grudges, judgement, hopelessness and depression are all symptoms of an inability to forgive. We hide behind the bad parents that did not love us the way they should have, or the boss that never saw our potential and wasted years of our talents, or the relationship that never gave us what we wanted, or all those that took advantage of us without the proper honor, payment or acknowledgement. These are all the logjams in our psyches that are keeping us at a lower vibration and from being free to move forward.

If you forgive those who “done you wrong”, you are not only freeing yourself but freeing them as well. And if you don’t truly forgive them, you may be stuck with them on the karmic wheel for future lifetimes. It is better to clean it up now. (Source:


Grab your forgiveness-mantra1 Ritual right here!


Much L☮♈ Cynthia )0(