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Mondays Message ~ CLOUDS ~ Shapeshifting January 15, 2018

CLOUDS ~ Shapeshifting

This beautiful card today comes from Steven Farmers Earth Magic Oracle Cards

I simply love working with this card deck and find the messages are always spot on.

Clouds | Shapeshifting

Who you are at your core never changes. Your essence never changes, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay the same.

You can play with different aspects of your essence.

Today, explore a different part of yourself – one you haven’t looked at in a while. It might mean you end up singing or dancing or ice skating or doing an activity you love but haven’t done in forever. Allow yourself to experience all of you not just a fraction.

When you experiment with variations of self-expression that are not how you ordinarily present yourself, others will react to you, depending on the degree in which your persona contrasts with the one they are most familiar with.  Be like the clouds as you try out different forms, stretching your limits at times, willing to move and adjust as necessary.

Lift your hear up, share your shoulders, and stand tall so your chest and heart open to the world, just note how that feels.  You may be a bit vulnerable at first, but stick with it.  Then let your shoulders fall forward slightly, pull your chest inward and inch or so and let your head drop just a little; observe how this feels.

Experiment with contracting your aura (energy field) then expand it as far as you comfortably can.  By this kind of shapeshifiting, you can consciously choose your expression into the world.

Just remember who YOU are at the core.

Much Love today, Cynthia

p.s.  When you try this exercise, I’d love to hear how it feels for you!



Monday’s Message ~ Winter Solstice ~ Reflection January 8,2018


REFLECTION – Your message for this week is from Steven Farmers’s Earth Magic Card Deck – they are simply amazing!

I believe this card showed itself today, as many of us have not honoured ourselves in this time of reflection, patience and stillness, so it’s a reminder that IT IS TIME to do so.

Meditation, Reiki, Salt bathing, just breathe are some simple ways you can do this today

Winter Solstice/Reflection –

This beautiful image portrays simple yet powerful representation of the winter solstice.  We see a Clea reflection of the snowy woods on the frozen waters of the lake.  The blue tint drapes the scene with an even sense of quiet and solace, inviting us to walk very softly lest we disturb the intense yet gentle grace of this scene.

The reflection of the tress on the frozen lake reminds you that this is a time for us to go inside – to both our PHYSICAL and INTERNAL world- and there contemplate the season that has passed, the season that is, and the seasons yet to come.


Card Meaning – Review the past year and ask yourself what the most important lessons you have had to learn are, what have you accomplished , and what dreams and visions you want to manifest in 2018?

  • What was a relatively smooth ride?
  • What was a challenging series of events?

Honour whatever has happened with gratitude and forgiveness, then let it go.  Allow yourself some solitude so you can spend some quiet, slow reflection time.

Once you feel complete, reflect on your present life, focusing on what you are grateful for and consider what is to come – the possibilities and potential that exists right before you.  Notice how you feel in your body.  Patience and stillness is call for, just as the Earth cycles have their own pace, so does this cycle.

Much Love, Cynthia )o(