Custom Dream Catchers just for you!

Looking for a unique gift for that someone special?

What better was to say “I love You” then with a totally customized dreamcatcher !

Utilize the power of Earth’s great bounty and the power of intention to have a dream catcher made for your own personal empowerment. Essential Energy Healing with Cynthia  works with you to weave with love and light, crystals and stones chosen specifically for the recipient based upon your name and birth information, to access your Akashic Records.

Dreamcatcher Legend

Dreams were sought by the native Indians, since they valued visions to be very sacred.  The Old Ones tell that dreams do hold great power and drift about at night before coming to the sleeping ones.  To keep the dreamer safe, the Old Ones created a special web, the Dream Catcher, to hang above their window.  The story told by the native Indian is that the Dream Catcher hoop, with the intricate webbing at it’s center, ensures a sleep undisturbed by bad dreams.  The Dream catcher web lets the good dreams filter through and float down to the sleeper, while the bad dreams are hopelessly entangled and perish at dawns first light. 

Dream catchers are believed to bless the “sleeping one” with not only pleasant dreams, but also good luck and harmony throughout their lives.  The colored beads on the beaded Dream catcher are believed to be the good dreams caught by Mother Sun at star time.  The dream catcher strengthens the link between creation and the spirit world.

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