Custom Smudge Fans and Feathers

Smudge Fans ~ Smudge Feathers and  Sacred Space

All Smudge Fans & Smudge Feathers are some of the most sacred items I offer.  All  smudge fans and Smudge Feathers can be custom order to reflect your intentions.  All are wrapped beautiful, soft deerskin with a variety of colors available, with gems, or crystals selected for you, or one of your choosing.  Once you order, we will discuss the types of feathers and stones, along with colors you’d prefer me to work with. Each fan is unique, different and will be made lovingly just for you.

Depending on the nature of customization, orders will take 2-4 weeks.

Please note, the one in the photo is my personal wand, made via the same process I will use to make yours.


Smudge fans are part of the sacred process of smudging with sage or other herbs. Having a beautiful fan to use makes the smudging process more ceremonial and sacred. The large Smudge Fan as pictured above, I use in my Reiki Spritual Healing, clearing energies once we are finished session work.  There are many uses beyond regular smudging for these amazing fans and feathers!

One thought on “Custom Smudge Fans and Feathers

  1. Marianne Shalkowsky

    I’d like to order a smudge fan for $50.00.
    Do you have specific fans for that price range?
    I’m drawn towards two of the fans;
    Black painted turkey feather w/ black plume and tigers eye crystal.
    Blue leather wrapped bottom .
    And the owl feather smudge fan w/purple suede wrap and tigers eye stone.
    ( how much to combine? Black turkey background and owl feathers on top?)
    With tigers eye crystal or stone ;( same thing?)blue or purple dyed deerskin wrap fringe.. Have to decide…

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