Mini Akashic Reading – Archangelic Realm of Training


I have added a reading  that deals solely with your Primary Energy Center of Training, or Archangleic Realm of Training.  While our Souls work with all seven energies while we are incarnated here, we also choose one specific realm to study and specialize in.
Expressing our Archangelic realm is a major component of our soul’s identity and purpose here on Earth.  

Each of us represents the energy of an Archangel realm here on Earth. The expression of this energy helps us to align with our highest path and purpose in our lifetime.   At the physical level, these energy centers also correspond to a chakra. Of course, each of us work with all seven chakras. But there would be one particular realm or chakra that we are most aligned to.

My primary Angelic Realm of Training is with the Archangel Michael. It is the energy center of intuition, protection and Divine Truth. It is also associated with the Third Eye Chakra.

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