Monday’s Messages ~ Confidence



This card slipped right out of the Return of Spirit Card Deck by Cheryl Lee Harnish for you this morning.

Perhaps you are not aware of how great you really are!  Maybe you’ve been doubting yourself or your purpose inn life.  Have your been questioning whether you are enough, good enough, able, worth?  In some way you are in need of a confidence boost.  This is Spirit’s way of telling you that you are doing just fine.  Spirit believes in YOUR, and you need to believe in yourself too.  It will take some time and effort on your part, but the rewards of having self-confidence will be well worth it.

You may not do things perfectly; of course you will make mistakes.  But mistakes are simply opportunities to learn how to do things in a different way.  It is always easier to see the greatness in others.  Seeing another person’s gifts, talents, abilities and successes is much easier than seeing your own.  This is a cosmic mirror from the Universe and it is reflecting back to you, all the incredible qualities that you really do have.

Sometimes we just have to fake it till we make it.  And that is what you are being asked to do.  Just try on the suit of confidence.  See how it fits and how it feels.  You do have what it takes.  You are just as gifted as any other person.  Now it is time for you to feel confident about YOU.

It’s important to not though, that too much confidence or over-faking can also come across as arrogance.  Spirit knows you are far from arrogant, so go GENTLY with it.  It isn’t about proving anything to yourself or others.  It’s about knowing that you are important in Spirit’s plan and that you are WORTHY.  Who you are and what you have to offer is so very important.  It’s time for you to believe in YOU, the way Spirit believes in YOU!

I have so many clients that lack self-confidence and this is one issue I work on with people in our  Reiki sessions!  Believe in yourself!  You are beautiful just the way you are.



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