Monday’s Self-Care Messages-Listening-January 28


Listen to your Wise Self … Let your inner compass direct the course of your life.  (Cheryl

We have about 60,000 thoughts in one day!

Really?  Yes, really.

How the heck does one decide what to acknowledge, what to file away, what to act upon?

We trust our Inner Wisdom, our Intuition.

What is your intuitive self? 

It’s that sixth sense…that gut feeling…the knowing…instinct.

We are all born with intuition. Some of us have the ability to tap into it more easily than others but the more you practice using it, the better you will be.  For me, it took time to trust and listen to what I was receiving in life.

As you use it, you’ll get stronger.  We have all experienced it. We need to learn how to listen to ourselves and act on our intuition. Our intuition tells us the truth of who we are and what we can do. Our intuition can help us find direction and purpose.

Stop and take 10 minutes, what is it you’re not listening to today?

For me….it’s all about making the right decisions and knowing that what ever I decide at that moment, it is the right one!

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