Monday’s Self Care Messages-Love

Love…Choose Love…let your love become a powerful force for change.

Self-Love – what does that mean to you?  Is that something that creates a good feeling? Does it perhaps create a sense of shyness or embarrassment? For some it may just make you feel uncomfortable.  You come into this life with the complete and utter knowing that you are complete. You are divine.  It is a given.  It has been the lessons you’ve learned and beliefs you’ve accepted since that time that has pushed you outside of this belief.  On your quest to re-align within yourself you must open to acceptance of who you are.


Self-love is the
unconditional love
and respect
that I have for myself
that is so deep,
so solid,
so unwavering
that I choose
only situations
and relationships
– including the one I have
with myself –
that reflect that same
unconditional love
and respect.

~ Goddess Christine Arylo { }

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