Morning Rituals

I LOVE my morning Rituals…..

Morning ritualsMost mornings, I like to make a cup of hot water with lemon and honey, go outside and sit on the back deck. If I’m blessed enough to be up early, I’ll see the sun come up over the lake. I like to take this time to ground, center and balance my energies before I start the day.

Here’s how you can start your own morning ritual!

~Early morning, before you eat breakfast or start reading emails

~ Your favorite mug or glass, a quiet place to sit, and the ingredients you need to make your beverage of choice

~: In the quiet early hours, come into the kitchen and gather the ingredients you’ll need to make your morning drink. Stay in a headspace of silent awareness, taking in this ritual with all of your senses. Listen to the whistle of the teakettle, or the steamy drip of the coffeemaker. Smell the aromas as they hit your nose and inhale deeply. Refrain from distracting yourself with technology during any waiting periods, instead focusing on the sensations of your body in that moment, breathing in gratitude for another day on this earth.

When your beverage is ready, steadily pour it into a beautiful glass or mug, and bring it to the table or somewhere that you can sit for a few minutes. Cup the mug with both of your hands, close your eyes, and think of a positive intention that you want to set for the day. Imagine that intention as bright, shimmering light, growing from your heart until it fills your chest. Now visualize that intention flowing through your arms and hands, and into your mug, infusing your drink with the energy of that intention.

Sip your morning beverage in silence for a few moments, feeling the liquid energy flow into your body, aligning you to the Divine, and strengthening you for the day to come!

Much L♈️ Cynthia )0(

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