Making  smudge fans,  Smokeless Smudge gem essences, Goddess Essences and many other High Vibrational Essences,  and creating essential oil blends for balance are meditative and a creative outlet for me.  The Products on this page can assist you in personal ceremony and ritual.

I love to burn sage in the mornings with my Smudge Fan to clear my healing space and home.  I begin by smudging myself, with Sage and my Smudge Fan I give thanks to the animals and trees for providing me with the materials I have collected.   I thank Creator.  I offer prayer to spirit for the healing of the people.

To freshen my space and clear energies in between reiki clients, I use a beautiful crystal gem essence, Smokeless Smudge-highly charged with crystals, reiki, and sacred geometry of my copper pyramid under the full moon.

When I have clients in my home, I love aromatherapy with pure essential oils to set a calm and relaxed atmosphere for their healing experiences.  In sessions, you’ll see me reaching intuitively for any number of other beautiful oils I have on hand for their journey at Essential Energy Healing.

I also use aromatherapy to support my own Sacred Self-Healing to support balance my Chakras with these amazing Essential Oils  before my yoga practise and White Tara Spiritual Meditation in the morning.




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  1. Cynthia Post author

    Hi Wendy,

    The cost for the drum itself is $175.00, includes drum stick. I do have in stock right now, at beautiful 16″ Elk round drum, if you are interested at $190.00
    Thank you for your inquiry!

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