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Join me in the now in the Prüvit  Health and Lifestyle Revolution!  ​

Prüvit is the first pure Therapeutic Ketone Supplement on the market and KETO//OS is a “First of its Kind” product and it’s proprietary formula has been researched, tested, and doctor approved.  Dr. Josh Axe and Dr. Oz both promote the benefits of Ketogentic Diets, and  Prüvit automatically puts your body into “ketosis”, without having to be on a strict “ketogentic” diet progam!  Yes.  I love it.

It’s not very often I get behind or promote products, but this product has given me MY LIFE BACK!!!

I am in the healing business to support others to help themselves and this revolutionary product does that too!

Really. Given. Me. My. Life. Back.

HERE’S A QUICK, EASY AND COOL VIDEO THAT EXPLAINS how our body uses fuel and they types of fuel it needs and how they work with your body!


My Prüvit Experience 

I’m pretty cautious and hesitant to try any new products due to my Lupus.  I stay with what I know works. I tried lots of them and either they had no effect at all, or overstimulated my already overstimulated immune system, then I would crash again.

4 months ago, a good friend I had not seen in a while invited me out to lunch.

I’m like, well I don’t know what the hell she’s doing, but she looked fantastic.  At that time she told me she was trying a product but wasn’t on it long enough yet to share what she was doing, so after another  month we met again and the changes I saw in her were just incredible!  Her eyes were clear, her skin was glowing….I had to know what she was up to and she offered a few sample packets of the product.

Immediately I noticed I had a really gentle and subtle shift in my energy.  Hmmm…I was thinking oh yah, right – it’s probably overstimulating my immune system again so I did a ton of research, as I always do on any product I’m taking. And of course I did some self-testing and found that the information I was reading made good sense in how energy is made in our body.

Within the 1st week, I was up and about with good, steady energy all day, no naps needed.

After the first month, I was out for longer nature walks, getting out of the house every day to do something, see someone – something that was not “normal” any longer for me and I’ll tell you, I was pretty excited.  But….I wanted to see what the effects would be after a longer period of time, so I am almost at my 3 month mark and wow….I feel better than the “old me” 7 years ago!

What she DIDN’T tell me was:

  • No more chronic exhaustion
  • How much better I would be sleeping & waking up feeling good
  • I would feel like a new person – Happy Dance
  • I would get my life back – YES I do
  • How amazing my energy would be
  • No more mental fog and memory problems
  • So much focus
  • My anxiety and mild depression is almost gone (YES)
  • Back to back weekend workshops and reiki classes with energy to spare!
  • I would have the energy and want to offer 1 on 1 session work again after a 2 year hiatus
  • Participate in events and gatherings that I would not have normally participated in 2 or 3 months ago due to no energy, not wanting to drive

Now, that happy, confident person that people see, matches how I feel on the inside, now. It is mind blowing that I didn’t even realize this until a week ago when I was chatting with a friend of mine and she said “Wow, you look so great – I have not seen you look so good in years!” Gasp, excitment and really????  Thank you!

A lot of people start this journey for weight loss.  Me, I wanted my life back and I’ve got it.  If I’m losing a few pounds in the meanwhile, I’m good with that too.

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