Smudge Fans & Dream Catchers

Smudge Fans ~ Smudge Feathers and  Sacred Space

All Smudge Fans & Smudge Feathers are some of the most sacred items I offer.   All  smudge fans and Smudge Feathers may be custom ordered to reflect your intentions.  All are wrapped with beautiful, soft deerskin with a variety of colors available, with gems, or crystals selected for you, or one of your choosing.

Once you order, we will discuss the types of feathers and stones, along with colors you’d prefer me to work with. Each fan is unique, different and will be made lovingly just for you.

Depending on the nature of customization, orders will take 2-4 weeks, plus shipping time frame.

Please note, the one in the photo is my personal wand, made via the same process I will use to make yours.


Smudge fans are part of the sacred process of smudging with sage or other herbs. Having a beautiful fan to use in ritual makes the smudging process more ceremonial and sacred. The large Smudge Fan as pictured above, I use in my Reiki Spritual Healing, clearing energies once we are finished session work.  There are many uses beyond regular smudging for these amazing fans and feathers! 

 DOWNLOAD YOUR Self Clearing Smudge HERE

Smudging is probably best known as a Native American ritual, although

Amazing Goose and Owl Feather Smudge Fan with Blk Obsidian

Amazing Goose and Owl Feather Smudge Fan with Black Obsidian

smudging has been used since ancient times by many people as a ceremony of purification, among the Catholics and Eastern Orthodox churches, among Hindus and Buddhists as well as the Native American tribes.

Smudging is a ritual to cleanse or clear a person, a place or an object of negative energies, spirits or influences. It is a ritual of cleansing and purification for the physical and spiritual bodies to remove negative energy. Smudging is not strictly for use in cleansing and purifying, it can be used to draw in positive energies and as a means of creating smoke to carry our prayers up to Great Spirit.

The smudging ceremony involves the burning of special sacred plants and herbal resins, or incense, then either passing an object through the resulting smoke, or fanning the smoke around a person or place. The spirit of the plant purifies whatever is being smudged. Remember that when you smudge you are asking the spirit of the sacred plants for assistance. We are entering into a relationship with the powers of these plants and with the spirits of sacred ceremony. We come from a place of heart and clear intention.


CUSTOM ORDERS – Not in Stock – Please contact me to order your Custom Smudge Fan here


Custom Owl and Goose Smudge Fan for an amazing lady in Ireland!








Handsome as can be – Goose, Owl with black leather wrap, fringes and natural agate crystal

Custom Smudge Fan_Goos and Turkey

Customer Smudge Fan-Goose and Turkey with green and turquoise suede wrap.


Custome Smudge Fan_Punked in Pink_Crow Feathers

Custom Smudge Fan – Punked in Pink with Naturally Sourced Crow and peacock

Custom Smudge Fan

Custom Owl Feather Smudge Fan with Purple fringe suede wrap and kyanite

4Archangel Custom Smudge Fan


Custom Smudge Fans Owl and Goose

Custom Smudge Fans Pretty in Pink

Custome Smudge Fan_Punked in Pink_Crow Feathers

Custome Smudge Fan_Punked in Pink_Crow FeathersIMG_1976IMG_1976










Custom Smudge Fan cost is $50.00 – $60.00 for 5-7 feather sizes and up to  $75.00 for larger size Smudge Fans.

Single Smudge Feathers $25.00-$35.00


~ Energetically Attuned for what you need~

The dream net has been made for many generations, where spirit dreams have played

Hung above the cradle board, or in the lodge up high the dream net catches bad dreams while good dreams slip on by.

Bad dreams become entangled among the sinew thread, good dreams slip through the center hole while you dream upon your bed.

This is an ancient legend, since dreams will never cease hang this dream net above your bed Dream on and be at Peace!



Please contact Cynthia to inquire about our Smudge Fans, Feathers and Dream Catchers ~ or to order your own “energy specific” Smudge Fan.

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