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Journey Through the Chakras with Essential Oils

Journey through the Chakras with Essential Oils

Journey through the Chakras with Essential Oils


When:  Starting on Wednesday, March 7th

Where:  Right here on my Blog

What:  Take a Journey through your Chakras with Essential Oils!

What is this?  Learn which Chakra center governs certain areas of your energy and how to balance them with Essential Oils!

Have some fun with this and sign up here for more tips on using essential oils every day!

10 Great Reasons to take a Reiki Class

Freedom found with Reiki classes1.  Reiki teaches you how to self-heal so that on a daily basis you can balance your body, mind, spriit and physical body.  A reiki course will empower you to take control of your own health and well-being.

2.  So many are looking for direction and guidance in their life, but don’t know where to turn.  If you feel like something may be missing from your life, then you will benefit from a Reiki class!

     We all need spiritual fulfillment and connection to be truly happy and if we are lacking that connection, then really, we have nothing.  Reiki will allow you to connect to your intuition and make the choices that are right for you.

3.  Stress is a major factor in a range of illness and millions of work days are lost every year due to employee stress.  Reiki can help you find inner peace and clarity.

4.  Reiki dosn’t just relieve stress and help you relax – it can be used to work on physical and emotional conditions as well!  Taking a Reiki class can really assist with stress, depression, injuries, fractures, surgery, arthritis and more!

5.  A process called the “Attunement” is used to connect you to your higher self and help you to know you self on a more intimate level.  Reiki shows you who you really are and opens up your mind to the things that you need and in this life.

6.  Do you sometimes feel like you are taking, taking and never giving?  Reiki will assist you in helping others in a soul satisfying way and there is nothing like being able to offer a healing gift to someone in need.

7.  Learning Reiki will help you see others as they really are.  We often give others the benefit of doubt, even if deep down we do not really trust who they are.  Learning Reiki can make you feel like you’e lived in darkness and suddenly, the “light” has been turned on!

8.  We all accumulate emotional trauma in our lives and so many think that by just burying these traumas, they have dealt with “it”.  Emotional trauma leave negative energies in our body and if this energy is not released, this may hold us back from shinning our light in the world, or worse yet, manifest into a serious illness.

9.  Many of us get trapped is a circle that follows the same unhealthy lifestyle patterns and habits over their lifetime.  Despite many attempts to change these behaviors, many are bogged down by their life and are unmotivated to make the changes needed.  Reiki can change the way you look at life and deal with situations.  Suddenly it doesn’t seem so difficult to make the decisions we need to make, they just naturally occur when they need to!

10. Everyone longs for happiness…very few actually achieve it though.  The founder of Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui said that Reiki is the “Art of Inviting Happiness”.

     True happiness comes from being connected to your intuition or higher self and following your true journey on this earth.  Without that bond, the soul suffers.

Therapeutic Effects of Reiki Drumming

Therapeutic Effects of Reiki Drumming

Drumming reminds our body of its ideal vibratory rate, which is in harmony with the pulse of the earth and the Universal flow of creation. Reiki combined with the rhythm of the drum helps to indentify and remove energy blockages, reduce stress and strengthen the nervous system, creating a deep sense of emotional well-being. It can improve focus, clarity, learning and memory, and help to unlock the creativity within. Reiki drumming has both preventative and therapeutic benefits and is a purifying process.
remo buffalo drum

Reiki drumming affects the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies simultaneously, helping to bring them into harmony while raising the vibratory rate to levels which may allow the body to accelerate its innate healing abilities.

There have been many scientific research studies conducted to discover the effect sound and drumming have on the human body and psyche. Biofeedback research indicates that even brief heartbeat drumming can double alpha brainwaves and reduce modern day stress, which is known to depress the immune system over long periods of time.

“Research further demonstrates that drumming accesses the whole brain, synchronising the two cerebral hemispheres, engaging both logical left brain and intuitive right brain. It has been shown to generate dynamic neural connections in the brain, even when there has been significant damage such as after stroke or with Parkinson’s Disease. Other studies have noted that IQ scores have improved with control groups after playing drums.”
Sarah Gregg, Reiki Drum UK.

Reiki and Drum Healing

Combining Reiki and Drumming creates a sound pathway on which Reiki energy may travel into a person’s energy field. We connect directly with the Heart and the Mind of the Divine when we tap into the vibration of Reiki and drumming is also a way to align with the Divine, as has been experienced since ancient times, through native spiritual and shamanic healing practices.

Reiki drumming is a blending of healing traditions from the east and west, as well as ancient shamanistic ceremonial practices. Shamanic drumming, when combined with Reiki, becomes a powerful tool for awakening more fully to our Divine purpose here on earth.

Stress is everywhere and can cause serious physical problems. Some early warning signs of stress are: irritability, difficulty sleeping, and lack of energy & concentration, never enough time to get things done. Healing Drumming can help to release stress, tension and anxiety. It provides a deep state of relaxation. It improves mental clarity and increases your level of physical energy and mental concentration.

Drumming not only assists with physical health, but your emotional, mental and spiritual health are included in this process. Drum therapy can provide healing and make the changes needed to experience a healthier life on many levels.
This kind of healing takes place for those who are willing to accept it. It is important for us to remind ourselves that drum therapy has many applications. If we fully embrace its power, it can enhance and heal many areas of our lives.

Essential Energy Healing is now doing Reiki Drum Healings!  Introductory price of $45.00 for the summer!